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Current Post-->Stainless Steel Handle Butterfly Valve

Stainless Steel Handle wafer butterfly valve



nominal dimension

DN40-DN300 / 1.5"-12"

Nominal pressure

PN10/16  Class125/150LB

Suitalbe medium

Flesh water,Sewage, Sea water,Air,Vapor,
Food,Mediaine,Oils, Alialis,Salt,etc

Suitable temperature

-20℃ to +150℃

design standard

API609,BS5155, EN593,MSS SP-67

Face to face

API609, DIN3202 K1,
ISO5752, BS5155

Flange connection

AS2129"D""E", BS10"D""E",
ASME B16.1 125LB,ASME B16.5 150LB,
BS4504, DIN2501, PN10/16

Test inspection

API598, EN12266-1


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